What is Wireless M Bus?

This page describes what is wireless M Bus and mentions Wireless Meter Bus basics. It mentions wM-Bus kits (hardware and software).

The full form of wM-Bus is Wireless Metering Bus. It is specified in EN13757-4 standard. This standard mentions communication between meter and other components. The system components include read-out devices and data collectors. These devices can be stationary or mobile.

Wireless M Bus System

The figure depicts Wireless M-Bus communication system block diagram. The communication between meter and other system components can be either one-way or two-way. There are different physical layer modes. These wM-Bus PHY modes are mentioned in the table-1. The PHY modes are S-mode, T-mode, R-mode, N-mode, C-mode, F-mode etc.

WM-Bus PHY Mode Description
S-Mode(Stationary Mode) S1-Mode(One way)
S1m-Mode(One way)
S2-Mode (two way)
T-Mode (Frequent Transmit Mode) T1-Mode (one way)
T2-Mode(two way)
R-Mode (Frequent Receive Mode) R2-Mode (two way)
N-Mode (Stationary Mode) N1 Mode(one way)
N2 Mode (two way)
N2g-Mode(two way)
C-Mode (Frequent Transmit Mode) C1 Mode (one way)
C2 Mode (two way)
F-Mode (Frequent Transmit Mode) F1 Mode (one way)
F2 Mode (two way)

wM-Bus frequency bands

Following table-2 mentions wM-Bus modes and their SRD frequency bands.

wM Bus Mode SRD Frequency Band
S1-Mode, S2-Mode 868 MHz
T1-Mode, T2-Mode 868 MHz
C1-Mode, C2-Mode 868 MHz
R2-Mode 868 MHz
N1-Mode, N2-Mode 169 MHz
F1-Mode, F2-Mode 433 MHz

Wireless M-Bus(wM-Bus) Kits

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS have CC112x and CC120x series supporting Wireless M-Bus Transceiver functionalities. It supports frequency bands 868,433 and 169MHz. It is ETSI 300-220 V2.3.1 compliant.

RENESAS has developed wireless M-Bus protocol stack. They have Wireless M-Bus interface board which supports following features.
• It supports T1,S1,T2,S1-m,C1,S2,C2,N1,F2 and N2 modes as per EN 13757-4 standard document. The WM-Bus Kit supports 169 and 868 MHz frequency bands. The protocol stack source code is available.In addition software libraries of data-link layer and application layer is also available.

Wireless M-Bus tutorial

Wireless M-Bus network

Refer Wireless M-Bus tutorial>> which covers following:
• System Features
• WM-Bus network
• WM-Bus Protocol Stack
• WM-Bus Frame formats A and B


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