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What is WSS | Wavelength Selective Switch in Fiber Optics

This page explains basics of WSS used in fiber optical domain. The full form of WSS is Wavelength Selective Switch.

It is optical device. This circuit pack does following functions :

• Wavelength Switching

• Optical Power Control for ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop MUX)

• Optical Power Control for Wavelength Switch Nodes.

Refer ROADM➤ for more information.

Wavelength Selective Switch-WSS ROADM

Figure depicts WSS of degree-4 node type. For mesh connectivity, 1 x 5 WSS with degree-4 node is used. It supports ring to ring interconnection.

Three numbers of WSS are required for each degree to support mesh connectivity feature as well as colorless ADD/Drop ports.

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