What is Data Deduping | What is Data Deduplication

This page covers data Deduping or data Deduplication definition, data Deduplication working and benefits of data deduplication.

Deduping or deduplication definition

The process of replacing multiple copies of data into single instance storage in order to save storage space/bandwidth is known as data deduping or data deduplication.

It is capacity optimization technique which is used to improve storage efficiency.

Data Deduplication Benefits

Following are the benefits or advantages of data deduplication to the organizations.
• It helps in satisfying ROI/TCO requirements.
• It helps in managing data growth.
• It helps to increase storage and backup efficiencies.
• It reduces overall storage costs.
• It reduces bandwidth of the network.
• It reduces administrative costs.

Deduplication working

Data Deduplication

• Data deduplication is carried out to replace multiple copies of data with various levels to a single shared copy. It helps in saving storage space and/or bandwidth.
• Deduplicated data is compressed to reduce its storage requirements further.

The figure depicts data deduplication working. Following operations are performed in data deduping or data deduplication.
• Evaluate the data and identify redundancy in the database tables.
• Create and update reference information.
• Store and/or transmit unique data once.
• Read and/or reproduce data.
• Perform data deletion/space reclamation.
• Data deduplication has many types viz. Source deduplication, target deduplication, Inline deduplication, Post-process deduplication, fixed length segment deduplication and variable length segment deduplication.

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