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What is 3D Hologram | Applications, advantages of 3D Hologram

This page covers basic definition of 3D hologram. It mentions applications of 3D hologram and benefits or advantages of 3D hologram.

What is 3D Hologram?

3D Hologram using Smartphone

• 3D hologram is three dimensional image generated using photographic projection. It is truly 3D and free standing image which does not simulate spatial depth.
• It does not require special glasses to view.
• In other words, it is defined as 3D projection which exists freely in the space. It is holographic recording of light field than image formed by lens.
• It is used to display objects and animated sequences in three dimensions.
• Hologram is physical structure which diffracts light into image and it is easy to make.
• They are made using laser beam which is split into two beams using special lens.
• The figure depicts creation of 3D hologram using smartphone and prism.
• There are two main types of homograms viz. transmission holograms and reflection holograms.

Applications of 3D Hologram

Following are applications of 3D Hologram.
• Arts: Artists can capture objects and scenes with the help of three dimensional holograms. This can be viewed from various angles. Different types of holographic artworks are explored at various museums across the globe.
• Information storage: Several researchers are studying use of 3D holograms as higher capacity data storage devices which are used for entertainment and other computing purposes. Unlike traditional optical methods which can be accessed using only one angle, holograms can be accessed by reflecting light from various angles.
• Security: It is difficult to reproduce holograms compare to static images. Hence it can be used as labels on credit cards, images in currencies, documents such as passports and ID cards.
• Now-a-days 3D holograms are used as decorations in demos, shows and special functions such as celebration of birthdays and marriage parties.
• Holography or hologram provides high resolution 3D image of scene or object.

Benefits or advantages of 3D Hologram

Following are the benefits or advantages of 3D Hologram:
➨It is very cost effective solution to make and to hire.
➨It has higher storage capacity compare to other methods.
➨It delivers enhanced feasibility of objects including depth.
➨They are complex patterns and hence offers security in wide applications as mentioned above.
➨It offers creation of multiple images on single plate including 3D images.
➨Holographic technologies can be easily combined with other technologies.
➨It does not require special glasses to view and can be viewed from any angle.
➨It does not require any projection screen.

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