What is Wavenis?

This page covers basic features of Wavenis technology. It covers Wavenis applications used in M2M and IoT(Internet of Things).

Wavenis is a wireless technology created by Coronis in the year 2000. It is developed for ultra low power and long range Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs). It has become popular due to promotion by Wavenis Open Standard Alliance.

It has number of applications in smart grid sector such as telemetry, automatic metric reading, utility metering etc. It operates in ISM band at different parts of the world such as 433MHz(China), 868MHz(Europe) and 915MHz(US). It uses frequency hopped spread spectrum technique for RF signal transmission. Following table-1 mentions basic features of Wavenis technology.

Specification Wavenis support
RF Frequency range 868MHz(EU EN300-220), 915MHz(US FCC15-247,15-249), 433MHz
Data Rate 4.8Kbps to 100 Kbps(Programmable)
Bandwidth 50KHz
Modulation(Wavenis Physical layer(PHY)) GFSK
Spread spectrum FHSS
coverage range 1Km (Indoor)
Security 128 bit AES
Wavenis PHY Data interleaving, Forward error Correction BCH(31,21)
Network Topology Tree and star network topologies

Wavenis typically uses 9.6Kbps rate in 433/868MHz band and 19.2Kbps in 915MHz band.

Wavenis basic applications

Wavenis system is used in variety of mesh networks from simple point to point connections to advanced tree structure consisting of multiple repeaters. Wavenis technology based products offer synchronous or asynchronous operation.

There are various Wavenis network architectures used in different applications. For example a simple lighting control system as well as point to point wireless remote reading system. The system consists of switches and lights in Point to Point or point to multipoint lighting system. The system consists of gateway, repeaters and end points in the automatic remote monitoring application.

Elster Water Metering Limited provides products and solutions based on Wavenis technology.

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