Difference between UL Class 1 Driver and UL Class 2 Driver

This page compares UL Class 1 Driver vs UL Class 2 Driver and describes difference between LED driver class types viz. UL Class 1 Driver and UL Class 2 Driver.

Following factors are considered while selecting LED driver for use.
➨Type of LED driver i.e. constant current or constant voltage
➨Maximum wattage
➨Power Factor (between 0 and 1)
➨UL Class 1 or UL Class 2

UL Class 2 Driver

• It complies with UL1310 standard.
• The output is considered as safe to contact.
• No major safety protection is needed at LED/luminaire level.
• There is no risk of fire or electric shock.
• UL Class 2 drivers operate using <60 Volts (in dry applications), 30 volts (in wet applications), <5 Amps and <100 Watts. Due to this limitations, There is restriction on number of LEDs Class 2 driver can handle.

UL Class 1 Driver

• This LED driver class supports high voltage output.
• This class 1 requires safety protection unlike class 2.
• This LED class 1 driver can support more number of LEDs unlike class 2.

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