RS-422 interface

RS422 interface

This interface is similar to RS485 interface. The RS422 interface is used for multi drop configuration and supports up to 10 devices at a time. It is used in balanced differential mode. It supports data rate from 100 kbps to about 10 Mbps.

Figure depicts RS 422 pin configuration for 9 pin connector.

RS422 Technical Specifications

Following table-1 describes RS422 technical specifications.

Specifications RS422
Mode of operation Differential
number of drivers/receivers on one line 1 driver, 10 receiver
maximum cable length 4000 feet
maximum data rate 10 Mbps
max. driver output voltage -0.25V to +6V
Max. driver current in high impedance state (power off) +/-100 µA
receiver input voltage range -10V to +10V
Receiver input sensitivity +/-200mV
Driver load impedance 100 Ohms
Receiver Input Resistance 4K min.

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