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RS232 to USB converter | USB to RS232 converter

This page describes RS232 to USB converter and USB to RS232 converter.

RS232 to USB converter

RS232 to USB converter

Figure-1 depicts simple RS232 to USB converter. It converts RS232 signal levels to USB signal levels. Following table-1 mentions RS232 side pin descriptions and signal designations.

RS232 Pin Descriptions
2 (RXD) Receive Data input
3 (TXD) Transmit Data output
7 (RTS) Request to Send
8 (CTS) Clear to Send

Table-1:RS32 Side Pins

Following table-2 mentions USB side pin descriptions and signal designations.

USB Connector Pin Descriptions
1 +5V
2 -Data
3 +Data

Table-2:USB Side Pins

USB to RS232 converter

FT232RL-USB vs RS232 converter

The USB to RS232 converter does reverse of the above functionality. It converts USB signal levels to RS232 signal levels. The same cable as mentioned above can be used with proper mating connectors.

This converter typically uses FT232R which is a USB to Serial UART interface converter from Future Technology Devices International Limited or any other similar converter IC. As shown following pin numbers are used as USB connector interface on FT232R device.
Pin 15 USBDP- I/O USB Data Signal Plus
Pin 16 USBDM- I/O USB Data Signal Minus

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