RF Triplexer basics

This page describes RF Triplexer basics and mention RF Triplexer manufacturers. As we know multiplexers are the circuits which does the same function as switches. For more number of ports multiplexers are used in RF system designs in place of RF switches.

In radio frequency designs, multiplexer connects RF signals at the input and output ports. There are various multiplexer types such as duplexer, triplexer, quadplexer and quintplexer based on RF input ports. All these types will have one single output port where in all the input ports can be connected based on simple control programming input.

RF Triplexer

The diplexer, triplexer, quadplexer and quintplexer will have 2 ports, 3 ports, 4 ports and 5 ports respectively other than output antenna port. Refer Diplexer vs Duplexer for difference between diplexer and duplexer. The figure depicts the RF triplexer basic functional symbol.

RF Triplexer is widely used in radar and other wireless transmitter and receiver systems.

RF Triplexer manufacturers

Following is the list of the popular RF Triplexer manufacturers.
• Wainwright Instruments,GmbH
• API Technologies Corp.
• Anatech Electronics
• Bird Technologies
• Microlab
• Johanson Technology, Inc.
•  Orion Technologies

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