Difference between Planar Antenna vs Conformal Antenna

This page on Planar Antenna vs Conformal Antenna provides difference between Planar and conformal antennas.

Specification Planar Antenna Conformal Antenna
Technology Mature Not matured yet
Beam control phase only sufficient Amplitude and phase more complicated
Polarisation Single can be used; dual often desired Polarisation control required and especially if doubly curved.
Gain Drops with increased scan Controlled, depends on shape
Frequency bandwidth Typically 20% Wider planar antenna is possible
Angular coverage Limited to roughly +/-60 degrees Very wide, half sphere
Radar Cross Section(RCS) Large RCS Lower than planer
Installation on platform Planer shapes limits due to swept volume Structurally integrated, leave extra space, no drag
Radome Aberration effects No conventional radome, no bore sight error
Packaging of electronics Known multilayer solutions Size restriction if large curvature, facets possible

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