Minimum Detectable Signal vs SFDR

This page describes Minimum Detectable Signal(MDS) and Spurious Free Dynamic Range(SFDR) and mention difference between MDS and SFDR.

Minimum Detectable Signal(MDS)

MDS is the signal power at the input that will generate/produce Sout/Nout equal to one.

Minimum detectable signal(MDS)= KT + 10 Log10(BW) + Noise figure
Where BW is the minimum bandwidth in the RF chain.
KT gives value of about -174dBm/Hz.

For example, if minimum bandwidth is 10KHz,cascaded noise figure is about 15.1dB then
Minimum detectable signal= -119dBm

Spurious Free Dynamic Range(SFDR)

SFDR measures ability of a RF receiver to operate between noise and interference limits. As per following equation it is imperative that SFDR depends directly on the bandwidth.

Where, IIP3 is the 3rd order Input Intercept Point and MDS is the Minimum Detectable Signal.

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