Magic Tee S-Matrix, E-H Plane Tee S-Matrix, Scattering Matrix

This page describes Magic Tee S-Matrix (Scattering Matrix) or E-H Plane Tee S-Matrix (Scattering Matrix). It also covers basics of Magic Tee (i.e. E-H Plane Tee).

What is Magic Tee or E-H Plane Tee?

As shown magic tee is a 3-dB hybrid coupler. It is combination of E-plane Tee and H-plane Tee. It has four arms viz. arm-1, arm-2, arm-3 and arm-4. Arm-1 and Arm-2 are referred as collinear arms or side arms. Arm-3 is called "difference port" and arm-4 is called "sum port".

Magic Tee

Magic tee structure uses impedance matching structure internally to function as desired. It uses post inside H-plane tee and inductive iris inside E-plane tee.

Magic tee is used in wide variety of microwave devices viz. bridge, duplexer, power combiner/splitter, mixer, circulator etc.

Magic Tee S-Matrix | E-H Plane Tee S-Matrix | Scattering Matrix

Magic Tee S-matrix,E-H plane tee S-matrix

The figure-2 depicts Magic tee s-matrix or scattering matrix.

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