LSZH vs Plenum vs Riser-difference between LSZH,Plenum,Riser

This page compares LSZH vs Plenum vs Riser and mentions difference between LSZH cable, Plenum cable and Riser cable. The advantages and disadvantages of LSZH cable, Plenum cable and Riser cable are also mentioned.

What is LSZH cable?

• LSZH is the short form of Low Smoke Zero Halogen.
• These cables are constructed with jacket material free from halogenic materials such as chlorine and fluorine as these chemical have toxic nature when they are burned.
• LSZH cables are used mainly in Europe.

LSZH Cable

The figure-1 depicts LSZH cable.

What is Plenum cable?

• Plenum (CMP) rated cable complies with NFPA-262 and UL-910. The word "plenum" refers to airspace used for air circulation by HVAC system e.g. raised floor or drop ceiling.
• These cables are designed with jacket made of materials which give off low amounts of smoke. Moreover it slows down spread of flames.
• One popular jacket material is Fluorinated Ethylenepropylene. It is more softer and pliable version of Teflon® (also known as PTFE).

Plenum cable

The figure-2 depicts Plenum cable.

What is Riser cable?

• Riser (CMR) rated cable complies with UL-1666.
• It is used in commercial buildings. Riser is space used by vertical telecom infrastructure, which connects one floor with the other.
• OFNR (Optical fiber non-conductive riser) are cables without any conductive metal structures which are approved for use in riser application. Most optical fiber cables are made of materials which do not conduct electricity such as glass, plastic etc.

Riser cable

The figure-3 depicts riser cable.

LSZH cable vs Plenum cable vs Riser cable

Difference between LSZH, Plenum and Riser cable

Following table mentions comparison between normal PVC cable, LSZH cable, Plenum cable and Riser cable.

Features Normal PVC cable LSZH cable Plenum cable Riser cable
Flammability High, burn rapidly, non-self extinguish Medium, may will self extinguish when flame removed Low, burns, but will self extinguish, when flame removed Low, burns, but will self extinguish, when flame removed
Toxicity/ Corrosive Level High, when burned gives toxic and corrosive gasses Low, no corrosive gasses, but does give off carbon monoxide when burned High, when burned gives off toxic and corrosive gases High, when burned gives off toxic and corrosive gases
Typical application Most computer cabling found in offices and homes Cabling found in enclosed areas such as ships, submarines, high computer rooms, network centers, aircrafts etc. Cabling found inside walls, ceilings and air plenums of office or private buildings. Same as Plenum cable
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