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Jakes' Model basics | Jakes' Model formula

This page describes Jakes' Model basics and Jakes' model formula. It mentions links to channel models implemented in MATLAB.

One of the most famous fading channels was proposed by Jakes. He has proposed model for Rayleigh fading based on summing sinusoids.

Jakes' Model Formula or Equation

Following section mentions Jakes' model with formula or equations.

Jakes model formula or equation-1 Jakes model formula or equation-2 Jakes model formula or equation-3

Refer channel model types>>, Rayleigh channel model with matlab code>> and Rician channel model with matlab code>>.


Following are matlab codes for channel models viz. SUI channel model, ITU-T channel model as per wimax 802.16e standard, JTC channel model as per 802.11b/11g, UWB channel model as per 802.15.3 and 802.15.4 standard specifications. 802.11a WLAN channel model matlab files
802.11b 11g JTC WLAN channel model matlab files
802.15.3 UWB channel model matlab files
802.15.4 UWB channel model matlab files
802.16d SUI WiMAX channel model matlab files
802.16e ITU-T channel model matlab files
Rayleigh channel model matlab files
Rician channel model matlab files

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