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This page mentions Rician Channel model matlab code. It describes Rician MATLAB simulation parameters with code script. Rician Channel model PLOTS are also shown.

With rician channel model, both Line of Sight (LOS) and non Line of Sight(NLOS) components are simulated between transmitter and receiver. MATLAB provides built in function by name 'ricianchan' as explained below along with rician matlab code. This channel model is used to implement real time fading observed in wireless communication system. Refer complete article on fading basics and fading types >>.

The MATLAB function is as below:
chl_res= ricianchan(Ts, Fd, K, Tau, PdB);
Where, Ts=Input signal sampling time(seconds)
Fd= Doppler shift max, in Hz.
Tau= path delay vector(seconds)
K= vector of the size equal to Tau referred as K factor, The ratio of power in the direct path to the diffuse power; measured in linear scale.
PdB= path gain vector (seconds)
chl_res= channel coefficients returned by matlab function rayleighchan

Rician MATLAB Code

Following is the script written in MATLAB for Rician channel model.

%3-path Rician Matlab code
clear all;
close all;
load file_ldacstxpkt; % baseband IQ vector
KFactor = 3; % Rician K-factor
Ts=1e-4; % sampling time in second
Fd=100; % doppler frequency in Hz
Tau=[0 1.5e-4 2.5e-4]; % delay for the three paths
PdB=[0, -2, -6]; % power in each of the three paths
% rician channel model
h = ricianchan(Ts, Fd, KFactor, Tau, PdB);
h.StoreHistory = true;
Rx_pkt_allones = filter(h, pkt_allones);
Rx_Packet = filter(h, Tx_Packet); % passing baseband IQ vector through rician channel
figure;plot(abs(Tx_Packet)); title('baseband IQ packet without rician channel');
figure;plot(abs(Rx_Packet)); title('baseband IQ packet with rician channel');
figure;plot(abs(Rx_pkt_allones)); title('baseband IQ of all ones after passing through rician channel');

Rician Channel model PLOTS

Following are the plots which depicts rician channel impulse response, baseband IQ vector without channel, baseband IQ vector with rician channel and channel response with baseband IQ vector consiting of all ones in the packet.

rician channel impulse response Baseband IQ vector without channel
Baseband IQ vector with rician channel channel response with all ones baseband vector with rician

Rician Matlab plots

Download Rician MATLAB source code

Download rician channel model matlab source code files.

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