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Difference between Intranet VPN and Extranet VPN | Intranet VPN vs Extranet VPN

This page compares Intranet VPN vs Extranet VPN and mentions difference between Intranet VPN and Extranet VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It provides secured connection for internet users. It extends private connection to internet and at the same time provides high level of security so that their data is not intruded or intercepted by anyone.
Refer What is VPN and How it works?.

There are three different VPN topologies.
• Remote access VPN
• Intranet VPN
• Extranet VPN

Intranet VPN

Intranet VPN

The figure-1 depicts Intranet VPN. The VPN network is a restricted computer network which uses WWW and other security protocols such as (IPsec, GRE) in order to provide secured connection between client and server.
Refer IPsec basics for more information on IPsec protocol and how it provides secured connection.

Extranet VPN

Extranet VPN

The figure-2 depicts Extranet VPN. It the VPN which extends intranet VPN limit. In other words, it ptovides access of intranet VPN servers to authorized external users. It uses IPsec/GRE network layer protocols.

It also uses protocols such as L2TP/L2F data link layer protocols. It provides connection of extranet VPN using dial-up lines over PSTN. NAS component is needed to provide interface between dial-up line and Extranet VPN network type.
Refer L2TP Vs PPTP VPN protocols which operates at layer-2 i.e. data link layer.

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