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This page of Infrared tutorial covers Infrared-IR spectrum basics. It mentions IR spectrum table with frequencies used for Infrared Communication.

As we know infrared word has been derived from combination of "infra" and "red". It is light which has lower frequency or longer wavelength in comparison to red light. Figure-1 depicts light spectrum which shows IR spectrum space.

light infrared-IR spectrum

Infrared is invisible EM energy radiation. It has frequency range from 430 THz to 300 GHz as shown. IR spectrum has been further sub divided into near infrared (120THz-400THz) , mid-infrared (30THz-120THz) and far-infrared (300GHz-30THz) bands.

Infrared-IR Spectrum Table

Following is the IR Spectrum table which mentions wavelengths of common colors along with IR spectrum. LEDs and Laser detectors are common devices used in all the IR based products. It has wavelength range from 700 nm to 1 mm.

Color Wavelength (nm)
Violet 400
Blue 470
Green 565
Yellow 590
Orange 630
Red 780
Near Infrared 800 to 1000
Infrared 1000 to 2000
Far Infrared 2000 to 10000


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