How Radar Speed Signs Works | How does an Radar Speed Signs work

This page describes Radar Speed Signs working operation. It mentions how Radar Speed Signs works along with its hardware specifications.

What is Radar Speed Signs?

• Radar Speed signs as the name suggests indicates speed of vehicles passing near from it. It is also known by other names such as radar feedback sign, speed feedback sign, radar sign and Your speed sign etc.
• It is constructed using series of LEDs, radar hardware, battery etc.
• The function of this sign is to alert drivers to slow down when their vehicles speed increases speed limit marked on the road.
• It is used as traffic calming device. It helps to avoid accidents due to lower speed limit better than speed bumps or humps due to flashing LED indication.
• It uses battery packs and can be solar powered or AC powered.
• It supports bluetooth and wifi standards and hence can be controlled using mobile apps.

radar speed signs

• It uses operates in K band (18 to 27 GHz) and detects vehicles in the range of about 1200 feet.
• It has detection range of about 5 to 127 MPH.
• It operates in certain degrees of beamwidth (12o +/- 2o) with certain accuracy (+/-1 MPH) of measurement as per its design.

How Radar Speed Signs Works | Radar Speed Signs Working

radar speed signs hardware

➤The working operation is similar to normal radar. As we know radar transmits radio frequency waves at the speed of light (i.e. 3 x 108 m/s) and receives the echo back from the target at a distance. Based on how much time between transmission and reception of the echo, it determines the distance of the target. Based on frequency difference between transmitted signal and received echo signal, it determines the speed of the target (i.e. moving vehicle).
➤Radar Speed Signs uses radar transmitter and receiver parts along with algorithm to determine vehicle speed in its range.
➤When vehicle is moving towards the radar sign, the echo signal has short distance to travel and frequency increases.
➤When vehicle is moving away from the radar sign, the echo signal has long distance to travel and frequency decreases.
➤The radar hardware (Tx/Rx) installed on the radar sign use change in the frequency between Tx and Rx signals is used to determine speed of the moving vehicle.
➤Refer advantages and disadvantages of Radar Speed Signs >>.


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