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IPsec vs L2TP vs PPTP-difference between IPsec, L2TP, PPTP

This page compares IPsec vs L2TP vs PPTP and mentions similarities and difference between IPsec, L2TP and PPTP.

Following table mentions similarities and difference between IPsec protocol, L2TP protocol and PPTP protocol types.

Feature IPsec PPTP L2TP
Full form IP Security Point to Point Tunneling Protocol Layer2 Tunneling Protocol
OSI Layer Layer-3 i.e. network layer Layer-2 i.e. data link layer Layer-2 i.e. data link layer
Transport protocols IP i.e. Internet protocol IP, NetBEUI, IPX IP, NetBEUI, IPX
Underlying protocol needed IP IP IP, Frame Relay, X.25, ATM
No. of tunnels supported 1 1 several
User authentication or algorithm used NO YES, (PAP, EAP, CHAP, SPAP) YES, (Same As Above)
Packet authentication/algorithm used YES, (HMAC SHA-1, HMAC MD5) NO NO
Packet Encryption YES, (DES, 3DES) NO NO
Vulnerability of protocols to security attacks such as denial of service attack, man in the middle attack, dictionary attack, spoofing attack Resistant Not resistant Not resistant
Appropriate use or application of protocol IPsec transport mode is used in securing the intranet in unicast only mode. Used for remote access VPN, Branch office VPN and Extranet VPN Used for remote access VPN, Branch office VPN and Extranet VPN
Link for more information IPsec L2TP vs PPTP L2TP vs PPTP

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