BiCMOS basics,advantages,disadvantages | BiCMOS devices

This page covers BiCMOS basics,advantages and disadvantages. It describes BiCMOS devices viz. BiCMOS Inverters, BiCMOS Gates and BiCMOS Drivers.

BiCMOS refers to logic family which combines both bipolar and CMOS logic devices in one single IC. Hence it offers following benefits:
• High Speed of operation
• High packing density
• Low Power Dissipation

As it is combination of bipolar and CMOS technologies it offers following benefits over conventional CMOS and Bipolar logic families. This is the main difference between them.

BiCMOS Advantages

Following are the advantages of BiCMOS:
• Low power dissipation compare to Bipolar
• Improved speed of operation compare to CMOS
• Large current drive compare to CMOS

BiCMOS Disadvantages

Following are the disadvantages of BiCMOS:
• High Cost
• As it requires more number of mask stages, it takes more time to fabricate.

BiCMOS Devices-BiCMOS Inverters, BiCMOS Gates, BiCMOS Drivers

The active devices include NMOS, PMOS, NPN BJT, lateral PNP BJT etc.

BiCMOS inverter1

BiCMOS Inverters:
The figure-1 to 3 depicts BiCMOS inverter of various types. The figure-1 depicts resistive shunt type and active shunt type.

BiCMOS inverter2

The figure-2 depicts Simple R-type BiCMOS inverter and R-type active BiCMOS inverter types.

BiCMOS inverter3

The figure-3 depicts feedback type BiCMOS and parallel output CMOS(collector emitter shunting) type of inverters.


BiCMOS Gates:
The figure-4 depicts BiCMOS NAND gate.

BiCMOS driver

BiCMOS Drivers:
The figure-5 depicts Gated diode, modified gated diode and emitter follower types of BiCMOS drivers.


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