Difference between UltraCMOS vs GaAs, Advantages of UltraCMOS

This page describes UltraCMOS basics and mentions advantages of UltraCMOS over GaAs as difference between UltraCMOS and GaAs.

Specifications UltraCMOS GaAs
Supply input charge pumps positive supply, negative supply
RF performance Due to integration of bias generation, it does not reply on supply variation any more. depends on supply voltage
ESD protection rely on inherent ESD performance of device itself incorporated high performance ESD protection
Digital circuits and control interfaces available not available

Benefits of UltraCMOS | Advantages of UltraCMOS

Following are the UltraCMOS advantages or benefits:
➨High Isolation between ports
➨Low Insertion Loss FETs
➨DC to 40 GHz frequency of operation
➨Monolithic CMOS design
➨CMOS repeatability as well as reliability
➨best linearity upto P-0.1 dB
➨Stable performance over PVT
➨Best in class ESD ratings

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