Advantages of Ultrasound | Disadvantages of Ultrasound

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Ultrasound. It mentions Ultrasound advantages and Ultrasound disadvantages.

Ultrasound Introduction:
As we know human being can hear frequencies in the range from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. Ultrasound is the term which refers to frequencies above the audible range of human beings i.e. above 20 KHz. Ultrasound devices operate in the range from 20 KHz to several GHz. This is shown in the frequency chart below.

Ultrasound frequency range

There are many applications of ultrasound. Few of them are listed below.
• To detect and measure distance of the object.
• To perform sonography to derive image of fetus in mother's womb.
• To detect invisible flaws in the metal object i.e. used for non-destructive testing.
• To clean, mix and accelerate chemical processes.
• To detect motion of person approaching door using mounted ultrasonic sensor.
• To measure velocity of flowing liquid with the help of ultrasonic flowmeter.

Advantages of Ultrasound

Following are the advantages of Ultrasound:
➨The frequency of ultrasound lies above the audible hearing range of human beings and hence will not be annoying to human beings.
➨It finds applications in many diversified areas which include fluid mechanics, communication, NDT (Non Destructive Testing), SONAR, Real time tracking of objects and devices, imaging (i.e. sonography), medicine, cleaning, welding etc.
➨Ultrasound sensors are useful to detect objects which are greater than 1 meter away.
➨Ultrasound frequencies are unaffected by direct sunlight, fluorescent tubes and other sources of light which can interfere with infrared devices.
➨Ultrasound devices are more accurate which are capable of placing objects within 5 mm of distance.
➨Ultrasound devices are capable to measure distance to liquids and other transparent onjects which are not possible to be detected using infrared waves.
➨Helps in non-invasive painless treatment
➨Less expensive
➨It does not use any ionizing radiation during working operation .
➨It provides clear image of soft tissues which do not show up in X-Ray images.
➨Preferred method to diagnose complications of unborn babies.

Disadvantages of Ultrasound

Following are the disadvantages of Ultrasound:
➨It has poor penetration through bone or air. Moreover it has limited penetration in obese patients. These are the disadvantages in imaging domain.
➨The quality of results and use of equipments depend on skills of operator.
➨MRI scan has long imaging times and relatively higher in cost
➨Images can be difficult to interpret and requires experienced operators or radiologists.
➨Image resolution is less compare to CT and MRI scan.
➨Air or bowel gas prevents visualization of structures.

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