Advantages of Touch Screen Interface | disadvantages of Touch Screen Interface

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Touch Screen Interface. It mentions Touch Screen Interface advantages or benefits and Touch Screen Interface disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Touch Screen Interface?

• It is the pointing technology based on sense of touch also known as haptics.
• It requires user to touch on the screen in order to activate desired functions.
• There are various types of touch screens. The figure-1 depicts resistive type of touch screen.

touch screen

Refer touch screen technology basics and selection guide >> and touch sensor basics >> for more information.

Benefits or advantages of Touch Screen Interface

Following are the benefits or advantages of Touch Screen Interface:
➨It is easy for inexperienced user to learn and operate with the help of touch of any one of the fingers.
➨It saves lot of space and avoids external devices such as keyboard or mouse.
➨It provides quick and efficient selection of menu options.
➨The interface is very easy to maintain as no dirt gets accumulated.
➨It is easy to change the GUI on the touch screen interface with the help of software upgrades.
➨It offers very high durability and reliability.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Touch Screen Interface

Following are the disadvantages of Touch Screen Interface:
➨Accuracy and precision depend on size of the icons. When icons are very small, it may be difficult to activate the same with the help of large fingers.
➨It requires proximity of the user to operate. User must be within reach of the touch screen display.
➨Hands and fingers often obscure the screen information while selecting the desired options.
➨Battery operated touch screen devices consume more power.
➨It is difficult to operate by visually impaired people. They can interact based on tactile or braille input.
➨It is very sensitive interface and hence can also be activated due to stray touches.

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