Advantages of SMS Communication | disadvantages of SMS Communication

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of SMS Communication. It mentions SMS advantages or benefits and SMS disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is SMS?

• SMS stands for Short Message Service.
• It is non-realtime text messaging service unlike voice which is realtime.
• Mobile phone allows small message window where text messages are being typed and transmitted to selected one or multiple recipients.
• SMS length is about 160 characters (maximum).

SMS Working

The figure-1 depicts working of the SMS system. As shown it consists of four parts viz. sending mobile, SMS gateway, mobile service provider (i.e. cellular tower) and receiving mobile. Figure shows SMS message travel from user #1 to user #2.
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Benefits or advantages of SMS Communication

Following are the benefits or advantages of SMS Communication:
➨Less time is needed to communicate. Hence it is the fastest way to reach anyone.
➨Communication history is logged automatically to view old messages.
➨It is very polite and cost effective way for sending information.
➨SMS notifications can be automated.
➨One can store the SMS messages for desired duration as per settings in the mobile. Set message expiration as per desired choice.
➨It is easier to type SMS as default words are provided for comfortable typing.
➨Using SMS communication, anyone can leave a message to the person even if he/she is available or not. This helps in providing message to the recipient, so that once he/she notices the same, recipient can reply back.
➨With advancement in the technology, even smiley and emotions icons are also embedded in the SMS to notify the recipient about your current behaviour.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of SMS Communication

Following are the disadvantages of SMS Communication:
➨The SMS size is limited to about 160 characters. This does not permit user to convey very long text messages. He has to sent out more than one SMS messages to convey his/her full expressions.
➨There is no guarentee that SMS will be delivered to its destination. The delivery can happen very late due to congestion. The delivery may fail due to memory issue or destination mobile is busy or out of service etc. Hence the system of communication is unreliable.
➨It is not possible to know whether the recipient person has read the SMS or not.
➨They can not be delivered to DND (i.e. Do not Disturb) subscribers.
➨Unwanted SMSs are broadcasted for advertising purpose which often annoys mobile phone users.

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