Advantages of NAND Flash | Disadvantages of NAND Flash Memory

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of NAND Flash memory over NOR flash. It mentions benefits or advantages of NAND Flash and drawbacks or disadvantages of NAND Flash.

What is NAND Flash?

FPGAs support different types of memories to store the configuration data such as serial NOR flash memory, parallel NOR flash memory and NAND flash memory.

NAND Flash Architecture
Image courtesy : Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (Now part of Infineon Technologies)

The figure depicts architecture of NAND flash memory. As shown, several memory cells (about eight) are connected in series. This resembles NAND gate. Refer NAND vs NOR flash for difference between NAND flash and NOR flash memory types, advantages of NOR flash and its disadvantages.

Benefits or advantages of NAND Flash

Following are the benefits or advantages of NAND Flash:
➨It offers low cost per bit compare to NOR flash memory.
➨It offers greater capacity.
➨It offers faster write speed and erase speed.
➨It consumes much lower power on current for write, read and erase operations.
➨It is preferable for data storage applications.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of NAND Flash

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of NAND Flash:
➨It offers slower random read speed compare to NOR flash.
➨It has higher standby current than NOR flash.
➨Bit flipping is more common in NAND flash compare to NOR flash.
➨Bad block development is more frequency in NAND flash memory and hence requires mandatory bad block handling.

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