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Advantages of HBM memory | disadvantages of HBM memory

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of HBM memory and its basics. It mentions benefits or advantages of HBM memory and drawbacks or disadvantages of HBM memory.

What is HBM memory?

HBM is the short form of High Bandwidth Memory. It is manufactured by Hynix and Samsung. It is used in few graphics cards manufactured by AMD and NVIDIA.

As shown, HBM uses non planar memory with 3D design structure in cube or cuboid shape. Multiple memory chips are stacked to form cube structure. Hence it occupies less space and can be mounted closer to GPU. The smaller space results into fast processing.

HBM memory

Typically, stack in HBM memory consists of four 4 DRAM dies on single base die. Graphics card with four stacks supports memory has bus width of 4096 bits as each stack of HBM memory supports 1024 bits. HBM2 and HBM3 are latest versions of this memory.

HBM2 version consists of 8 DRAM dies per stack. It supports transfer rates up to 2.4 Gbps. Nvidia Tesla P100 is the first GPU chip which has used HBM2 memory. It is used in memory intensive applications such as AR gaming, VR gaming etc. HBM2 supports maximum capacity of 4GB/8GB per stack.

HBM3 is faster than HBM2 and consumes less power. Moreover it offers higher capacity. HBM3 allows 64GB VRAM on graphics card with memory bandwidth up to 512 GB/s per stack.

Benefits or advantages of HBM memory

Following are the benefits or advantages of HBM memory:
➨It offers low power consumption compare to GDDR5 and GDDR5x versions.
➨It has small form factor. Hence it offers high density compare to GDDR memory.
➨It offers higher memory bandwidth (>100 GB/s ) than GDDR5 memory (Upto 28 GB/s per chip).
➨It supports higher capacity (about 4GB or 8 GB per stack).
➨It does not get heated much.
➨It can be placed near to GPU die. This results into lower latency.
➨It offers better performance. Operating speed of HBM memory is 1 Gbps.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of HBM memory

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of HBM memory:
➨It is expensive.
➨It is not available widely on graphics cards.

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