Advantages of Grove connector | Disadvantages of Grove interface

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Grove interface. It mentions benefits or advantages of Grove connector and drawbacks or disadvantages of Grove connector.

What is Grove interface ?

The Grove system is developed by Seeed Studio. Grove interface has universal 4 pin connector which can be used to connect analog GPIO, digital GPIO, UART or I2C. Seeed Technology Co. Ltd. develops Grove based sensors, Grove actuators and Grove screens. These can easily be interfaced using grove interface connector available on the PCB.

Grove connector and Grove cable

The figure-1 depicts grove connector on the board and its compatible cable for connection. All the grove interface based connectors as well as cables use same four pins across all the modules. It follows almost same color codes for the cables as well as follows.
• Black for GND
• Red for Vcc (+5V or 3.3V)
• White for signal (either I2C SDA or UART Tx)
• Yellow for signal (either I2C SCL or UART Rx)

Grove interface

The figure-2 depicts grove interface connections. As shown Grove connector uses two pins for signals (either UART or I2C) and two pins for power i.e. GND and supply (either 3.3V or 5V as per design).

The Grove system uses four different types of interfaces.
• Analog : It will have two analog inputs, used to interface analog sensors such as potentiometers, gas sensors etc.
• Digital : Either digital IN or OUT, used to interface relays or motor for controlling purpose.
• I2C : Used to interface sensors and LCD display compatible with I2C bus. It supports daisy chaining.
• UART: Used to interface TxD/RxD pins for full duplex serial communication.

Benefits or advantages of Grove connector

Following are the benefits or advantages of Grove connector:
➨It uses fail safe design to avoid any misplacement or wrong connection.
➨The user will get benefit due to availability of wide range of modules e.g. sensors, displays, actuators are developed by Seeed Studio.
➨The grove interface offers fast and secure plug and play feature.
➨The Grove uses standardized 4 pin connector and cables.
➨It is perfect choice on the board for fast prototyping.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Grove connector

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Grove connector:
➨The Vcc pin supports either +5V or +3.3V. Hence it has to be ascertained which one is supported by the module before connection.
➨It does not support SPI interface.

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