Advantages and Disadvantages of Fractal Antenna

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Fractal Antenna. It mentions Fractal Antenna advantages and Fractal Antenna disadvantages.

Fractal Antenna Geometry

Refer Fractal antenna basics>> for more information on this type of antenna.

Fractal Antenna advantages

Following points summarize Fractal Antenna advantages:
➨Better matching of input impedance
➨One antenna is sufficient to take care of multiple bands both narrowband and wideband.
➨It provides consistent performance over huge frequency range. Hence fractal antenna is considered to be frequency independent.
➨There will be reduced mutual coupling in array antennas made using fractal geometrical approach.

Fractal Antenna disadvantages

Following points summarize Fractal Antenna disadvantages:
➨Complexity involved in the design and manufacturing process.
➨Numerical limitations
➨Gain Loss
➨After few iterations in the fractal antenna design simulation benefits of this technology based approach will diminish.

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