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Advantages of FTP | disadvantages of FTP

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of FTP. It mentions FTP advantages or benefits and FTP disadvantages or drawbacks. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

What is FTP (File Transfer Protocol)?

• This protocol is used to send/receive file from remote computer (i.e. server).
• FTP establishes connetion between client and server before file transfer. Username and password are used for connection establishment.
• FTP protocol and its syntax are mentioned in RFC959, RFC765 and RFC1738.
• FTP handles binary and text files both.
• It uses TCP port numbers 20/21.

FTP,File Transfer Protocol

• When a FTP client requests to connect to the FTP server, a TCP connection is being established to the FTP server's port 21 reserved for FTP. The main function of FTP is to transfer files from remote computer after connection is established.
• FTP establishes two connections between client system and server system, one for control information and the other for data to be transfered.
• Control information carry commands/response. After the authentication is done; files can be transferred between two systems.

Benefits or advantages of FTP

Following are the benefits or advantages of FTP:
➨It is connection oriented protocol and uses robust control commands.
➨It sends data over separate TCP connection from the control commands. This enables fast data transfer.
➨It is simple in implementation and use.
➨It is universal application due to its standardization. Hence it is widely used.
➨Company can setup FTP server and store files and documents which can be accessed by the employees using their login credentials. This avoids emailing of each and every documents and saves time and effort.
➨Users of all the operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac) can connect with server using FTP or Secure FTP protocol without any issues.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of FTP

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of FTP:
➨It requires more memory and programming effort.
➨Clear text passwords and unencrypted data.
➨Multiple TCP/IP connections are used. Firewall hinders use of such connections.
➨It is hard to filter active mode FTP traffic on client side when firewall is in place.
➨It has high latency due to its connection oriented nature.
➨It does not support integrity check on the receiver side.
➨It does not support date/timestamp attribute transfer.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

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