Advantages of Diode | disadvantages of Diode

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Diode. It mentions Diode advantages or benefits and Diode disadvantages or drawbacks. PN diode type is used for discussion on working operation, applications etc.

What is Diode?

• The diode is a electronic device which consists of only two electrodes i.e. anode and cathode.
• PN diode is a two layer semiconductor usually fabricated from silicon, sometimes from germanium.
• The layers are doped with impurities to adjust their electrical characteristics. The N layer has surplus electronics which creates net negative charge (cathode side). The P layer has deficit of electrons which creates net positive charge (anode side).

Diode symbol Diode characteristic

• As mentioned diode is a two terminal device which allows current to flow in one direction e.g. forward direction. In this mode anode has higher potential than cathode. This state of diode is known as forward biased state.
• If the polarity of voltage is reversed , the diode is known to be in reverse biased state. In this state diode will attempt to block the current flow within its rated limits.
• It is used for numerous applications such as switch, rectifier, regulator, voltage multiplier, clipping, clamping etc.
• There are various types of diodes. Their voltage characteristics determine their application of use. The common diode types include GUNN, Varactor, Tunnel, PIN, Zener, schottky, Impatt, Trapatt, Baritt etc. Refer diode tutorial >> for more information.

Benefits or advantages of Diode

Following are the benefits or advantages of Diode:
➨It functions as rectifier in order to convert alternating current into direct current.
➨It is used to suppress voltage spikes. Moreover it is used to protect electronic components which are vulnerable to reverse voltages.
➨It is fast in operation and does not require any warm up time.
➨It is very cheap compare to vacuum tube.
➨Semiconductor diode does not generate any current when voltage is not applied.
➨It operates at low voltage and hence it consumes less power.
➨It is smaller in size and light in weight.
➨It has long life.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Diode

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Diode:
➨Semiconductor diode can not withstand very high reverse voltage.
➨It offers poor response.
➨It has reverse saturation current.
➨Noise level is high in semiconductor device at high frequencies.
➨Different diodes have unique benefits and drawbacks and hence refer individual advantages and disadvantages of respective diode.

Different diode types

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