Advantages of BPSK | Disadvantages of BPSK

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of BPSK modulation technique. It mentions BPSK advantages or benefits and BPSK disadvantages or drawbacks. It provides links on various topics on BPSK (Binary Phase Shift Keying) modulation basics.

What is BPSK?

The term BPSK stands for Binary Phase Shift Keying. It is digital modulation technique where in binary data one and zero are represented by change in carrier phase by 180 degrees. This is shown in the constellation diagram in the figure-1.


In BPSK modulation, each carrier carries one single bit hence symbol rate is equal to bit rate. BPSK is considered to be power efficient and not bandwidth efficient.
Refer BPSK modulation>> and BPSK vs QPSK>> for more information.

Benefits or advantages of BPSK

Following are the benefits or advantages of BPSK:
➨It is most robust modulation technique due to the fact that binary 1 and 0 are separated by 180 degree phase shift of the carrier. Due to this property, BPSK modulated data can travel longer distances when transmitted from base station or subscriber stations. Hence BPSK modulation is employed in pilot carrier as well as in preamble sequences. These are used for time/frequency synchronization and channel estimation/equalization purpose.
➨Due to above, BPSK modulation is used by most of the cellular towers for long distance communication or transmission of the data.
➨BPSK demodulator requires to make only two decisions in order to recover original binary information. Hence BPSK receiver is very simple compare to other modulation types.
➨BPSK is power efficient modulation technique as less power is needed to transmit the carrier with less number of bits.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of BPSK

Following are the disadvantages of BPSK:
➨In BPSK modulation, one bit is carried by one single analog carrier. Hence data rate in bits per second is same as the symbol rate. This is half in comparison to the QPSK modulation technique and many times less compare to other higher modulation techniques such as 16QAM, 64QAM etc.
➨Due to above reason, BPSK is not bandwidth efficient modulation technique compare to other modulation types.

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