IoT Gateway basics | Intel IoT Gateway Features

This page describes IoT Gateway basics including functions. It mentions features of Intel IoT Gateway. IoT stands for Internet of Things.

Definition: The typical networking gateway is a protocol translator device. It converts protocol of one system to be compliant to the protocol of the other system so that both heterogeneous systems can interoperate with each other. The Gateway device which connects GSM network with CDMA network will have protocols of these two systems.

IoT Gateway: connect things with the IoT cloud. It makes connectivity of noncompliant IoT devices with IoT network easier. This is shown in the figure-1.

IoT Gateway

Following are the functions of IoT Gateway:
• Connect the things such as Home applicances, clocks, cars, robots etc. with the cloud.
• Helps in quickly converting data to be cloud enabled which can be downloaded and analyzed.
• Publish the data to cloud services such as text messages or email etc.
• No SQL data store such as MongoDB required any further.
• Can use analytics data applications e.g. SLAM Data
• Can use social media such as twitter

Intel IoT Gateway

Intel IoT Gateway

The Intel IoT gateway based solutions are used by many companies across the world which include Kontron, NEXCOM, ADLINK, ADVANTECH, Vantron, EUROTECH, ADI Engineering etc.

Few of the applications include reducing water consumption which increasing supply efficiency, reducing fuel consumption which improves vehicle reliability etc.

Figure-2 depicts ports available on Intel IoT Gateway. Following are the features of the device.
• User can choose from multiple operating systems viz. Wind, Ubuntu, Windows 10.
• It uses McAfee which helps securing data flow from edge to the cloud.
• There are different series of gateways which use various processors
• Supports different commnications (WiFi, Zigbee, Cellular standards e.g. 2G,3G,4G) and connectivities (USB, LAN, Serial RS232 and RS485)
Refer for more information on Intel IoT Gateway and other products.

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