Microstrip Resonator basics | Microstrip Resonator types | Open end, Stub, Ring, Dielectric

This article describes Microstrip resonator types and microstrip resonator basics. It describes open end, stub, ring and dielectric based microstrip Resonator types.

Microstrip resonator types

The figure-1 depicts different types of microstrip resonators. As we know boundary conditions force circuits to have their resonance at particular frequencies.

Open end resonators and stub resonator types will have voltage wave maximum at open edges. Hence resonance occur for open end resonator when following condition is satisfied.
➤l = n*(1/2)*λg , n = 1,2,3 ....

For open stub resonator, resonance occur when following condition is satisfied.
➤l = n*(1/4)*λg , n = 1,2,3 ....

For ring resonator, resonance occur when following condition is satisfied.
➤2*π*r = n*λg , n = 1,2,3 ....

The resonant frequencies can be found using following equation.
λg = λ0/ (εeff)0.5 = c / (f *(εeff)0.5)

One of the applications of the resonators is to design filters. There are four types of filters viz. LPF (Low Pass Filter), HPF (High Pass Filter), BPF (Band Pass Filter) and BSF (Band Stop Filter).

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