LTE eNodeB Physical Layer Measurements

Base station in LTE is referred as eNodeB or eNB. As eNodeB is fixed, it need not have to inter-work with non LTE systems such as GSM, UMTS, etc. Hence fewer measurements are done on eNodeB compare to LTE compliant UE. In this page we will cover LTE eNodeB Physical Layer Measurements.

Downlink RS Tx Power

Downlink reference signal(RS) transmit power is determined for a considered cell as the linear average over the power contributions (in Watts) of the resource elements that carry cell-specific reference signals which are transmitted by the eNode B within its operating system bandwidth. The reference point for the DL RS TX power measurement shall be the TX antenna connector.

Received Interference Power

The uplink Received Interference Power is a measure of interference power and thermal noise within an Resource Block (RB); which is not scheduled for transmission within cell. The absolute accuracy need to be +/-4dB for interference measured between -117 and -96dBm. This measure is used to identify narrowband co-channel intereference from the neighbour cells using the same frequency.

Thermal Noise Power

This uplink thermal Noise Power is a broadband version of received interference power. It is equivalent to No*W
Where, No is white noise power spectral density and W is transmission bandwidth.

Article on Physical layer Measurement

This article describes physical layer measurements as per OFDM physical layer specifications. The OFDM baseband measurements covers power, EVM, EVM per subcarrier, EVM per symbol, CCDF, I& Q constellations, spectral flatness, CFR, READ MORE.

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