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This page covers eMMC (i.e. Embedded Multimedia Controller) basics.It mentions eMMC memory as application note and manufacturers or Vendors of this device.

As mentioned eMMC is the short form of Embedded MultiMedia Controller. It is basically package housing both memory of flash type as well as memory controller integrated on single silicon die.

Transcend Information Inc. provides eMMC solution. Transcend eMMC architecture consists of MMC interface, flash memory and its controller. The solution provides support for three data transfer bus widths including 1 bit, 4 bit and 8 bit.

eMMC memory Application Note

The eMMC memory chips with series EMC210 from Transcend are based on MLC (Multi level cell) with simple interface design. It has improved storage capacity and better performance. It is available in 8, 16 and 32 GB sizes.

The small factor eMMC has embedded storage ideal for many applications such as mobile devices, embedded devices and industrial applications. The eMMC solutions from Transcend are compliant to JEDEC version 4.51 based standard specifications. JEDEC is the short form of Joint Electron Device Engineering Council.

eMMC device Manufacturers/Vendors

Following are popular eMMC memory Manufacturers/vendors:
•  Micron Technology Inc.
•  Kingston
•  Samsung
•  System Level Solutions Inc.
• Transcend

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