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TI CC1120 module vs TI CC1121 module difference

This page compares TI CC1120 module vs TI CC1121 module and mentions difference between TI CC1120 and TI CC1121 RF Transceiver ICs from Texas Instruments.

The devices CC1120 and CC1121 are designed for low power and low voltage wireless applications. They are used as radio transceivers for different frequency bands. The devices supports 274 to 320 MHz, 410 to 480 MHz as well as 820 to 960 MHz bands.

They are used in wireless metering, medical healthcare, alarm and security, WSN, RFID, industrial automation applications. Following table mentions similarities and difference between CC1120 and CC1121 based on their technical specifications.

Specifications TI CC1120 module TI CC1121 module
Frequency of operation (MHz) 169, 433, 470, 868, 915, 920 Same as CC1120
data rate 200 Kbps 200 Kbps
Receiver Sensitivity -123 dBm -117 dBm
Transmit power 16 dBm 16 dBm

Refer www.ti.com/product/CC1120 for more information on CC1120 module and CC1121 module from TI used as RF Transceiver ICs.

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