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PN junction diode applications | P-N diode applications

This page of application notes section covers PN junction diode applications. This P-N diode applications are very useful for beginners.

As shown in the figure, PN junction diode is a 2 terminal polarity sensitive device. The diode conducts when forward bias is applied and it will introduce zero resistance in the circuit. The diode does not conduct when reverse bias is applied and it will introduce infinite resistance in the circuit.

PN junction diode

As shown in figure, it is made up of P-type silicon and N-type silicon semiconductor materials. Due to above fact, PN junction diode has many applications as outlined below.

• It is used in clipping circuits as wave shaping circuits in computers, radios, radars etc.
• It is used as switches in digital logic designs.
• It is used in detector and demodulator circuits.
• It is used in clamping circuits in TV receivers as well as voltage multipliers.
• It is used as rectifiers in DC power supply manufacturing.

The device having same P-N material but different doping concentrations is known as homo junction. This will have many applications as mentioned below.
• Used as zener diode in peak clippers, voltage regulators and for switching.
• Used as varactor diode for tuning applications in TV and radio receivers.
• Used as PIN photo diode in optical communication system.
• Used as tunnel diode as oscillator at microwave frequencies.
• Used as Laser diodes for optical communication.
• Used as LEDs in various display panels.

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