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Diversity Receive Module Skyworks | DRx module Manufacturers

This app note covers diversity receive module from Skyworks SKY13740 and its features. The popular diversity receive (DRx) module manufacturers are also mentioned.

What is Diversity Receive Module ?

Diversity receive (DRx) module combines switch, RF filter and LNA in a single module in the RF receiver path. Following figure shows transmitter path, receiver path and diversity path.

RF Front End with power tracker
Image Courtesy : Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

By amplifying received signal, DRx (Diversity Receive) module improves receiver sensitivity and data throughput while reducing receiver noise figure.

It offers benefits to both telecom carriers and consumers both. Improvement in network efficiency benefits carriers where as robust data speed benefits consumers.

Diversity receive modules are used for various applications such as antenna cable loss componensation circuit for LTE data antenna, 3G/4G/5G multimode cellular handsets and tablets, embedded data cards and so on.

Skyworks Diversity Receive Module

Skyworks DRx Module SKY13740
Image Courtesy : Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Following are the features of Envelope Power Tracker (SKY13740) manufactured by Skyworks Solutions Inc.
• It supports 6 selected filters and LNA paths, 3 AUX paths and optional bypass mode.
• Integrates SAW filter and discrete LNA gain stage.
• Integrates MIPI interface through which it can be controlled.
• Bands supported include B26, B8, B20, B1/4, B3 and B7.
• It is available in small surface mount package.
• It does not require external DC blocking capacitors as long as DC voltage is not applied.
• Visit www.skyworksinc.com for more information on other DRx modules.

Diversity Receive Module manufacturers

Following table mentions popular Diversity Receive Module manufacturers.

Diversity Receive Module Manufacturers Model , description
Skyworks Solutions, Inc. SKY13740, SKY13741, SKY13744
Qualcomm It offers various RF Front End modules in addition to DRx modules to offer various benefits to manufacturers of mobile phones.
Qorvo The company offers broad portfolio of switch, filter and integrated modules for 5G/LTE applications. Part number 885051 houses BAW DRx filter. It supports band B25 LTE rejection specification.
MAXSUR 5.8GHz Diversity Receiver. It is not the module.
Maxim Integrated MAX2830, houses 802.11 b/g RF Transceiver, PA, Tx/Rx/Antenna Diversity Switch which operates from 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz

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