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This page describes different NFC tests and NFC tester used for NFC testing. This testing is useful for NFC tag and NFC reader during design and manufacturing. It covers NFC conformance test tools provided by Keysight technologies.

NFC tests

Following table lists out typical NFC test types performed on NFC tag and NFC reader devices or any device compliant to NFC specifications.

NFC test type Description
Conformance testing The aim of this test is to verify modulation, coding, BER parameters of NFC transmitters and receivers. It verifies physical layer and RF layer of the NFC device.
Interoperability testing Includes peer communication, small data exchange, connection handover etc. The main aim of this test is to verify NFC devices from different vendors communicate with each other without having any issues.
NFC Digital protocol covers digital interface, half duplex transmission protocol, bit level coding, frame formats, bit rates, commands, protocols etc. used for data exchange between NFC devices which are bind to LLCP protocol.
NFC analog tests analog features of RF interface of NFC device, covers various roles such as peer mode intiator, target, reader/writer, card emulation etc. across NFC technologies such as NFC-A,NFC-B and NFC-F. It tests all the bit rates such as 106/212/424 kbps
LLCP (Logical Link Control Protocol) OSI layer-2 protocol used by NFC device for peer to peer communication.
SNEP (Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol) This protocol allows messages at application layer which are in NFC data exchange format to be exchanged between NFC devices.

Table:1 Types of NFC tests

NFC Tester used for NFC testing

The equipment T3111S test platform from Keysight technologies is the NFC tester which validates all the NFC testing requirements mentioned above in the table-1. It tests analog RF, digital protocol,LLCP,SNEP using single test platform.

The other tools which are used as NFC testers during NFC device testing are as follows:
• Signal Generator: used to generate 13.56 MHz of NFC frequency.
• Digital Sampling Oscilloscope: Used to verify various time domain parameters of the signal.
• Vector Network Analyzer: Used to verify various insertion loss and return loss parameters.

Keysight NFC testing tools for conformance tests

Following are the NFC keysight solutions used as NFC testing tools for conformance tests.

Keysight solution Description
T3111S NFC conformance test system
T3121S NFC R&D test system
T1141A NFC test set
T1142A Automatic positioning robot

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