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WLAN 802.11ax test and measurement equipment vendors

This page describes WLAN 802.11ax test and measurement equipment vendors with their features. It mentions features of 802.11ax equipments used for test and measurement of transmitter and receiver specifications of 11ax compliant device.

What is WLAN 802.11ax ?

IEEE has recently published draft version of 802.11ax standard known as wifi-6. The standard is going to be ratified in 2019. It is successor to 802.11ac but operates in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. There are many new features added in newly released standard such as OFDMA in both downlink and uplink, MU-MIMO with beamforming in the downlink, MU-MIMO in the uplink, 1024-QAM, increased guard and symbol duration, larger bandwith (upto 160 MHz), BSS color, special packet format for outdoor applications and so on.
Refer WLAN 802.11ax tutorial >>.

WLAN 802.11ax Transmitter test setup

The WLAN 802.11ax device consists of transmitter and receiver parts which are required to be validated by test and measurement equipments. Hence these equipments are designed taking into considerations specifications of 11ax DUT (i.e. AP or STA). Refer 802.11ax testing >> which mentions 802.11ax transmitter and receiver test specifications. Figure depicts test setup used to test transmitter part of 11ax station (i.e. client).

802.11ax test and measurement equipment vendors

Following table lists 802.11ax test and measurement equipments with features.

11ax Equipment Vendors 11ax test solutions
R&S • R&S CMW270 test platform for the IEEE 802.11ax
• R&S SMW200A vector signal generator
• R&S FSW is used as spectrum analyzer or vector signal analyzer
• R&S SGT 100A is used to generate trigger frame.
Keysight Technologies • 802.11ax Analog Baseband IQ test solution
• 802.11ax MIMO test solution
• 802.11ax manufacturing test solutions
Anritsu Corporation • Universal Wireless Test Set (MT8870A) has been developed to test transmitter and receiver part of 802.11ax device.
LitePoint Corporation • IQxel-MW : It is used for high performance testing for 802.11ax WiFi-6 devices.
• zSignal 802.11ax Software used to generate 802.11ax compliant signal.
National Instruments (NI) • NI offers 802.11ax test solution along with VST (Vector Signal Transceiver) hardware.

• IEEE 802.11ax draft standard

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