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This page describes bluetooth test and measurement equipments from various manufacturers. The Bluetooth testing equipments are used to perform Physical layer (i.e. baseband), radio transmitter and receiver tests.

List of bluetooth transmitter tests

• Modulation characteristics
• Spurious emissions
• Radio frequency tolerance

List of bluetooth receiver tests

• Actual sensitivity level
• Interference performance
• Out of Band Blocking
• Intermodulation characteristics
• Maximum usable level
• Reference signal definition

Other tests

• Maximum data throughput
• BR/EDR/LE Test Modes

BLE Protocol Stack

Bluetooth testing equipments

Following table mentions bluetooth testing equipments used for bluetooth device testing and measurements.

Test and Measurement Company Bluetooth test equipments with features
National Instruments • NI has developed test toolkit for bluetooth signal generation and analysis.
• It works along with PXI chassis.
• It can generate bluetooth signal and also analyze bluetooth signal as per BR/EDR/LE signals. It also supports V4.0, V4.2 and V5.0.
Rohde & Schwarz • The company has developed production test equipments for bluetooth devices such as R&S®CBT and R&S®CMW500 wireless communications tester.
Tektronix • The company offers bluetooth PHY and radio layer test solutions.
• One such equipment is RSA5000B Real Time Spectrum Analyzer.
LitePoint, A Teradyne Company • It offers IQxel-M Bluetooth Advanced measurement system.
Frontline Test Equipment • BPA 500 Bluetooth protocol analyzer
• Bluetooth USB protocol analyzer (model: FTS4BT) used for bluetooth data analysis over the air.
Anritsu Corporation • Bluetooth test set (model MT8852B)
• It supports bluetooth v5.0 RF tests. The measurements include transmitter and receiver measurements. Transmitter measurements are transmitted power, modulation characteristics, carrier frequency offset etc. Receiver measurements include receiver sensitivity, intermodulation tests etc.
• It can be used for measurements of basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
Keysight technologies • M9081A Bluetooth® Measurement Application
• E1852B Bluetooth® Test Set, which is obsolete now.
• T1111S Bluetooth® RF Conformance Test System
Intertek Group plc • Bluetooth test case database offered for bluetooth device conformance testing.
• It consists of VSG and VSA used for bluetooth signal generation and analysis.


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