AWGN SNR generator basics

This page covers AWGN SNR generator basics.It mentions application note covering how to use AWGN Carrier to Noise Generator for BER testing.

As we know BER testing is very important to determine the system performance. There is difference between CNR and SNR, refer CNR vs SNR for more information.

It is possible to add AWGN signal with user defined bandwidth and user defined carrier to noise ratio(CNR) to the desired signal. Eb/No can also be provided as input.

As per entered CNR or Eb/No, BER is computed for the device under test.

Application note-How to use AWGN Carrier to Noise Generator

AWGN CNR generator

Figure depicts AWGN generator used to perform BER testing. It is very easy to use the AWGN generator. Just connect the output of DUT as input to the AWGN generator. Take output of AWGN generator ('signal + noise' or 'carrier + noise') and feed it as input to the receiver part of DUT. This way BER can be computed.

Signal without modulation SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) is used and for signal with modulation CNR (Carrier to Noise Ratio) is used in test setup.

AWGN SNR or CNR generator manufacturers or vendors

Following table mentions popular AWGN generator manufacturers or vendors.

Company Model
R & S SMW-K62, SMBV-K62
Keysight E4438C-403 , N-5182A-403
Noise Wave NW-CNG

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