IQ, transmit power, power spectrum labview vi source code

This page of labview source code covers IQ, transmit power and power spectrum labview vis. The link to download labview VI source code files are also provided. This labview VI reads IQ file consisting of real and imaginary values in two columns and plots IQ diagram, instantaneous transmit power and power spectrum.

IQ vector is the vector produced using various wireless signal generator comprising complex modulators. The wireless standard such as WLAN, WiMAX, LTE compliant devices will produce this type of signals. For more refer IQ vector signal basics and article on signal generation and analysis. IQ diagram plots real signal vs time and imag signal vs time. The transmit power plots absolute of complex data vector vs samples. Power spectrum takes FFT of the time domain data and plots the same. In practice only data values need to be plotted while DC and guard carriers need to be removed before plotting the vector.

IQ, power plots Labview VI Block Diagram

Following fig-1 mentions block diagram of IQ, power plots labview vis.

IQ power spectrum labview vi block diagram

IQ, power plots Labview VI Front Panel

Following fig-2 mentions front panel of IQ, power plots labview vis.

IQ power spectrum labview vi front panel

Download IQ, power spectrum, transmit power Labview source code files

Download IQ, power spectrum, transmit power labview VI source code files.

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