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Skin Depth calculator | Skin Depth Formula

This page covers Skin Depth calculator with Skin Depth formula. The skin depth calculator uses operating frequency and conductivity as inputs and calculates skin depth as output as per Skin Depth formula.

Skin Depth Calculator

➤Following calculator is used to calculate skin depth.
➤Enter values in INPUT boxes and Press CALCULATE button to check OUTPUT.


Frequency of operation in GHz (input1) :
Conductivity in mho/m or siemen/m (input2) :


Skin Depth in meters (Output):

EXAMPLE: skin depth calculator:
Frequency (GHz) = 10 , Conductivity of Gold (S/m) = 4.098E07
Skin depth (meters) = 7.86E-7

Skin Depth formula

This skin depth calculator used following skin depth formula for its calculation.

skin depth formula,skin depth calculator

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