Radar Antenna Beamwidth Calculator | Radar Beamwidth Formula

This Radar Antenna Beamwidth Calculator calculates beamwidth of the radar antenna. The Radar Beamwidth Formula used in this beamwidth Calculator is also mentioned.

Antenna Diameter in meters (input1) :

Radar Frequency in GHz (input2) :

Radar Antenna Beamwidth in degrees (output1) :

EXAMPLE of Radar antenna beamwidth calculator: :
Antenna Diameter = 5 meters, Radar Frequency = 10 GHz
Radar Beamwidth = 0.42 degrees

Radar Beamwidth Formula | Radar beamwidth calculator

Following formula is used for this radar antenna beamwidth calculator.

Antenna Beamwidth = 70 * (λ/D)
D = Diameter of Antenna
λ = c/frequency
c = 3 x 108

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