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This page of converters and calculators section covers radar Pulse Repetitive frequency (PRF) to maximum unambiguous range and vice versa converter.

PRF (Pulse Repetitive Frequency) in Hz (input1) :

Unambiguous Range in meters (Output1):

PRF = 800 Hz
Max. Unambiguous Range = 187.5 Km

Range to PRF converter

Unambiguous Range in meters (input1) :

PRF (Pulse Repetitive Frequency) in Hz (output1):

Range = 300E03 meter
PRF = 500 Hz

Radar PRF Equation

Following equation or formula is used for radar PRF to unambiguous range converter.

radar PRF to maximum unambiguous range converter

Useful converters and calculators


Radar calculators

Following are useful radar calculators to calculate radar range, radar PRF, radar resolution etc.
Radar Range calculator

Radar PRF vs Range
Radar Range Resolution

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