dBm,dBµW,dBµV,watt,mwatt power unit converters

This page of converters and calculators section covers power unit converter. This power unit converter is very useful as it provides conversion of one power unit to the other. Following are converters between dBm, dBµW, dBµV, watt, mwatt units.

Watt to dBµW converter

Power in Watt (input) :

Power in dBµW (output) :

dBµW to Watt power unit converter

Power in dBµW (input) :

Power in Watt (output):

Power in dBµW = 70
Power in Watt = 10

dBm to Watt and Watt to dBm converter

For the above conversion, refer dBm to Watt converter page.

V to dBµV Converter

Voltage in volts (input) :

dBµV (output):

dBµV to V Converter

dBµV (input) :

Voltage(rms) in volts (output):

dBµV = 117
Voltage(rms) in volts = 0.707

Watt to dBW Converter

Power in Watt (input) :

Power in dBW (output):

Power in Watt = 10watt
Power in dBW = 10dBW

dBW to Watt Converter

Power in dBW (input) :

Power in Watt (output):

Power in dBW = 6.99
Power in Watt = 5

This power unit converter is used by RF engineers and system designers very often due to the reason that different systems mention or use any of these power units.

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