Coaxial Cable capacitance,inductance calculator

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Coaxial Cable Outer Radius (meter) input1 :

Coaxial Cable Inner Radius (meter) input2 :

Permittivity of the medium input3 :

Permeability of the medium input4 :

Capacitance per unit length output1 :

Inductance per unit length output2 :

Outer radius (m) = 0.200
Inner radius (m) = 0.150
permittivity = 2.3
Permeability = 1
Capacitance per unit length (Farad/m) = 4.44e-10
Inductance per unit length (Henry/m) = 5.75e-8

Coaxial Cable capacitance and inductance formula/equation

Following coaxial cable capacitance and inductance formula/equation is used for this calculator.

coaxial cable capacitance inductance equation

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