Air filled circular cavity resonator calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Air filled circular cavity resonator calculator. The calculator calculates resonant frequency, unloaded quality factor and half power bandwidth. This calculator is customized for TM010 mode only. Hence n = 0, p =1 and q = 0 , This results into X01 = 2.405

radius of circular cavity (a) (input1):
Length of rectanguar cavity(d)(input2):
Conductivity (input3):

Resonant frequency in GHz (Output1):
Surface resistance in Ohms (Output2):
Unloaded Quality factor (Output3):
Half Power Bandwidth in Hz (Output4):


a = 5 cm , d =10 cm , conductivity = 6.17E7

Resonant frequency (GHz) = 7.215 , Surface resistance(Ohm)=0.0214 Unloaded Quality factor = 14060.44 , Half power bandwidth = 513.141 KHz

Circular cavity resonator equation

As we know cavity has resonant properties at definite frequencies (i.e. λg/2 ) which results into formation of standing wave pattern along the guide length. If the waveguide is circular in shape then it is referred as circular cavity. In the circular cavity section of waveguide is closed by two perfect conductors placed at some distance away. Following equation or formula is used for air filled circular cavity resonator calculator.

circular cavity resonator calculator

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