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Twin Wire Line Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Twin Wire Line Calculator.

Dielectric constant (input1) :

Permeability constant (input2) :

Spacing between conductors in meter (input3) :

Diameter of conductor in meter (input4) :

Inductance (Henrys/m) (Output1) :

Capacitance (Farads/m) (Output2):

Impedance (Ohm) (Output3) :

INPUTS: Dielectric constant(εr) =2.4, Permeability constant(μr) =1 , Spacing between conductors ('s') = 15 meters, Diamater of conductor(d)=5;
OUTPUTS: L (H/m) = 7.05e-7 C(F/m) = 3.78e-11, Z (Ω)= 136.45

Twin Wire Line Equation

Twin wire line is usually flat and parallel balanced type of transmission line. It is one of the most popular transmission lines used in the VHF frequency range. The wires are encased in plastic ribbon of polyethylene which is strong and flexible. The spacing between the two conductors is maintained to avoid RF radiation. Following equations or formulas are used for Twin Wire line calculator.

Twin Wire Line Equation

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